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How I Got Back To Shape (My Step By Step)

Updated: Apr 11

It is a beautiful Sunday morning. Woke up feeling like any other day, nothing special,  I wasn't always like that.

You see, I've been a happy and active child, very enthusiastic as I was growing up, always with a positive attitude towards life and full of motivation. I have had many dreams since I was a little girl that with hard work I was able to achieve. So for me, waking up to "nothing special" is a very strange feeling. And I knew exactly why I felt like that because I've been thinking of it for the past couple of weeks.

I decided then to start my new healthy and fitness program on that Sunday. Not on Monday. Not next week. There's always a "next week", or a "next Monday" right? Instead, I decided to start that same day because my personal calendar for the week starts on Sunday, so that made perfect sense (some people like to start on Monday, I get that).

But know this: I made up my mind, and that made all the difference. Even if it was a random Thursday that would be okay too, because I simply MADE UP MY MIND. I made a decision. The day of the week you choose don't really matter and there won't be a perfect day. The truth is, it is always hard to start anything. You can read My Story in full, but this is what happened:

I was one of those child athletes, I played every sport I could. This kept going through my adult life too and I became a model of fitness and health. I heard many times things like me not being able to understand the problems of a "normal" person trying to be fit or healthy. Maybe they were right until  "normal" happened to me.

After my second fitness competition I decided to take a break and have breast implants done in my home country Brazil (very personal here, hello friend). Reason: whenever I reached my body fat percentage goals (we are talking very low percentage) my breasts were totally gone and I didn't find that very amusing. After all, it was my body and I knew what I wanted from it.

My doctor demanded 3 months of absolute rest, with total of  6 months away from the gym, intense workouts and specially no cardio. I was serious about listening to the doctor and took a long break from work as a full time model and dancer, slowly returning to jobs that didn't require much physical effort. I know of friends who went back to work much faster but everyone is different and I chose to respect my time.

I don't know where exactly things went wrong, one day I was a fitness model champion and a year later I can't find my way to the gym. And one thing leads to another, In no time I only eating unhealthy foods.

I couldn't find motivation to do anything healthy anymore. My energy during the day was so low that I became dependent on caffein to focus or be productive at all. I wasn't in the mood to care for what types of food I was eating. My sleep was not the best before and just went from bad to worse. I couldn't sleep before 3 or 4 am and if I had to work in the morning there would be no sleep.

Trying to feel better I started going out and drinking, living like a zombi the next day trying to survive the hangover. Excuses? I can relate to finding reasons for not making lifestyle changes. I did it for an entire year. Not sure I'm glad I had this experience, but I can for sure identify with the struggle of anyone who is trying to make changes, transform or just have energy to do things.

I created my own Body Transformation challenge. For 90 Days I will document the types of workouts I do, what I eat, what supplements I take and what I do to keep myself motivated. But plain honesty here, all this stuff don't really matter. It will be just just one more post like How To Have A Six Pack in 12 Days (light joke!) if there is no real decision making here.

So take a moment to decide that you really need and want a change. Any of those free or paid programs and challenges DO work if you are committed and decided to follow through. Let's call it The Fit Brekkie challenge for the sake of it. If you read this far, drop your email here and for the next 90 Days you will receive one monthly workout calendar, one monthly meal plan calendar, plus any hot updates anytime I post something interesting and worthy reading here. It's FREE and I promise there won't be spammy-lammie stuff.

Just a note that I also moved to a new home, in a new country, where I don't know a lot of people and I don't speak the language (read my new home adventure!). That is a big toll because I am very much on my own, so I also created an IG account to help me keep track of my goal. I would really love any support. It's different from when you have your friends, or you are already linked to a community, a gym, or a network of people you are used to. So sometimes I will also talk about the challenges and difficulties I go through.

This is my personal challenge towards a body transformation that will make me able to compete again as my final goal. To anyone who might be interested I would love to stay connected and hope this can help anyone at any level to make a decision for a better and healthier lifestyle. I would like to hear your story too because we get more when we share!

Cheers to a new you!



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