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FODMAP Journey – Week 2

Updated: Apr 11

Welcome to my FODMAP daily food log! Although this is a weekly update.

Review: A week ago I had my first consultation (ever!) with a dietitian/nutritionist. My entire life I've suffered from terrible bloating.

Each week I am sharing my progress with the daily diary of everything I eat. I am having 5 meals per day generally.

The Phase 1 is very strict, and during this second week I found that I got even more bloated than the first, until my husband called me off and pointed out things like: eating a half sourdough per day even tho sourdough is allowed, obviously eating half of it on my own isn't the way to go.

I have also baked some cake for my stepson's birthday, a brazilian "Brigadeiro" cake, and there were some other foods that were sneaking into my meals and that I am suppose to complete cut them off, like onion, garlic, ripped banana, passion fruit, greek yoghurt and some soft cheeses like cottage cheese (that I love!)

Basically on this Phase 1 I need to cut every food that is in the FODMAP list, including some healthy types of foods but that are still high in any of the FODMAP carbs. Then slowly my dietition/nutritionist will include them back on and we will see what does affect me and what doesn't.

One of the biggest surprises to me was honey. Not only because I love it, but it also so good for the health right? And yet, it is extremely high FODMAP, and because I was having it all the time, with everything it was the first main thing I had to work on my mindset to let go. Instead I can use maple syrup, so not all bad.

Understanding FODMAP

Without going into all the technical names yet, but as I learn more about FODMAPs I will share here.

FODMAP foods are foods that contain certain types of carbohydrates. They include sugars that can cause symptoms in the digestive systems of someone who has either intolerance or is sensitive to them.

I think the biggest lesson I can take from this week is what my dietitian told me, be strict for just a few days so that I can really see my body without the inflammation.

So I going super strict and my meal plan for next week reminds me of when I was competing.

I have done this before, I can do it again!

Accountability Time

In addition to my Food Log and an amazing professional to back me up, I trust in the power of social sharing. There is something amazing about declaring publicly which is for making it real and manifesting the results you want.

For the next months, and for the duration of this food investigation, I am making notes daily and will publish weekly.

Saturday & Sunday

Monday & Tuesday

Wednesday & Thursday


Week 2 Phase 1 completed. Doing a review this week, posting photos.

My feelings overall: It gets worse before it gets better, but I believe in this and am grateful for the amazing help from dietitian/nutritionist Ai.

See you next week!

Ellen xx

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